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Advice from Nisha: Life is like underwear; change is good.

Hi Everyone! I am Nisha. Thanks for reading this blog! Hope you find it fun.

I’m a 4’11” finance gal/mom who thrives on change.

Growing up, I was constantly moving around, from the Netherlands, to Mexico, to all over the United States. I learned firsthand that the only constant in this life is indeed change, a formative notion I have come to embrace.

Many viewed my decision to move from California shortly post graduation to the polar vortex and to join banking after getting pregnant as insanity. However, I, in fact, made these choices because I was thrilled to work through exciting deals, fully knowing I would face challenges as a mom-to-be with no existing network. I moved to Chicago to learn more about myself. Welcoming change is necessary in order to stay positive and happy. 

My life now? I am a lucky gal, living in Manhattan with an adorable daughter, Mia and equally adorable husband, Nick. 

What am I doing here? I would love to empower people to make those life choices that they may have been afraid to do. Move somewhere, pivot your career path, ask someone out, you name it! Your life will change, but it was going to change regardless, right? 

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